About Us

Serving thousands of clients since 2016
New Unified Inovations of FairChild LLC (NUIFC) is a Real Estate company under The FairChild Group(Est. in 1983). NUIFC is a household name in Switzerland, Colombia, Austria and Canada. We are deelply rooted in the real estate industry. Since 2016, we have been one of the few real estate companies accepting crypto currencies as a payment method, helping our clients save huge amounts in taxes and other goverment regulatory expenses. NUIFC had made available Apartments, Condominiums, Flats and Houses to millions of happy clients across the four (4) countries and we intend to provide our satisfying services to more countries soon!

The Fairchild Group is a Canadian business conglomerate, with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In partnership with The FairChild Group, Bitcoin Suisse, Bancolombia and Cex.io, NUIFC has helped thousands of property owners acquire their dream properties while protecting their identities.

How It Works

Barter is the word!

Trading by barter is completely legal and we are here to accept... Read more >