Innovative Cancer Cure Which Can Rescue Lives

cancer cure

The different researches have already approved that the totally new method namely DNA testing can fight cancer making tumors smaller to a great extent. It is impressive because chemotherapy was almost the only quite efficient remedy in this case. It is said that people who suffer from this horrible disease will have a chance to be resqued by gene tests.

About 13 000 patients have become the witnesses that this alternative treatment works and surely it is more effective than the previous one. The basics of this treatment can be explained in such a way that the whole genetic profile of a patient is examined and used as well as targeted gene sequencing takes place here.

The results of the new approach are successful . Without any doubt, it will be customary soon.

It must be mentioned that scientists praise the benefits of the given method, but in deed the fully examining has not been held yet. It is necessary in order to improve it.

Nowadays test for particular genes are also available. Among them is the BRCA1 gene, for instance.

The comparison of patients tumors show the vivid difference. Tumors of people who chose targeted cure became smaller. And those who chose to be treated with the help of specific biomarkers convinced that disease could progress slower (5,7 months vs 2,95 months).

Rowena Sharpe who is the head of precision medicine at Cancer Research UK admits that this approach is the step forward in our medicine and finally ill people will be treated in the right way avoiding toxic therapies. Moreover, Prof Herbst is sure that in the near future there could be the “upfront” genetic profiling which means no delaying of tests.

Personalised breast cancer medicine trial could be held soon too saving women from chemotherapy. That means that if cancer is diagnosed a genetic test of tumor must be held. Nowadays the price of this procedure is about £2,000.

It is obvious that patients will notice the huge pros of this innovative cancer cure especially at an earlier stage. Personalised medicine offers individual treatment as every breast cancer differs and in such a way the deadliest illness can be fought off.

Precision medicine works identifying defective genes, extracting DNA from biopsy and due to this it can show what remedies, drugs will be the most effective.

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Writen by David Chamberlain